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On the Hi-Line: Volume 1 is the first of hopefully many records to come. OTHL: Vol 1 is a collaborative record featuring local musicians from in and around the Hi-Line. Support your local musicians!


Executive Producer - Peyton Cole

Mixing Engineer and Producer - Joseph Holguin 

Mastered by Jerry Tubbs, Terra Nova Mastering 

Recorded in Chester, Montana at the Liberty Village Arts Center, a catholic church built in 1910 turned into an art gallery.


“The Hills” Cole Kleinert & the Slow Rollers 

“O’ Henry Ford” The Lucky Valentines

“Hi-Line” Sunsah406

“Highway 2 Hustle” Nicklaus Hamburg, Nickolas Crawford

“Fan the Flame” The Ditch Riders, Peyton Cole

“Juliet has a Gun” Sheila Roberts 

“The Hills Reprise” Paige Plaisance, Nicklaus Hamburg, Nickolas Crawford

On the Hi-Line: Volume 1 Vinyl

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