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Live Music 

Live music is an integral part of the Hi-Line Harvest Festival. We want to showcase local talent while bringing in regional bands to our rural community. 

Jonathan Terrell

Jonathan Terrell has been doing things on his own for two decades now. He likes it that way, conjuring stories from histories both shared and made-up, creating a world from the depths of his imaginations and from his humble roots in equal parts.


Born and raised in a trailer hidden far in the Pine Curtain of East Texas to a family of ex-religious cult musicians, Terrell has taken the myths and lineage of his deeply held history and mixed them into a radically inventive career as the torch-bearer of Austin, Texas’ cosmic country scene.


Drenched in sweat but more suave than your best tux, the Jonathan Terrell show quickly became the stuff of legend.


Between his side gig touring the world in and with Midland and a record label by his side that believes in his creative vision as a songwriter, photographer, director, and part time Honky
Tonk/Disco DJ. 


Luke Dowler & the Midnight Conversations

Luke Dowler is a Montana, Indie-Americana, and folk-rock artist.


Named "an artist you should be listening to" by Paste magazine, his music has been featured on HGTV, Without A Trace, Heartland, and used in several independent films. On the strength of his original songwriting, Dowler represented Montana as the state winner of the Colgate Country music showdown. Beyond touring and recording, Dowler also composes for film and documentaries (Finding Faeries, 2016; The Forlorned, 2017; Afterlight, 2018).


Jaden Decker

Jaden Decker is an American singer/songwriter from Missoula Montana. His sound is a mix of country, western, bluegrass, and folk. Jaden's music draws from his family's midwest roots and the love of his home state. Decker's songwriting is straight forward, relatable, and unapologetic. Jaden started booking his own national tour at the age of 14 and never looked back. He released his first album, "Montana Grown" to rave reviews in 2020, which was followed by a self-titled EP in 2021. 

Local Strangers.jpg

Local Strangers

Local Strangers is a casual cover band with a mixed, eclectic style including oldies, rock, country, indie and pop.
They're a group of lifelong friends who now live on the Hi-line in Montana.

Stephanie Smith on vocals, keys, cojon             Chris Case on guitar, vocals, drums
Shy Case on vocals & keys            Matt Roberts on bass
Sheila Roberts on vocals & guitar

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